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WEGO has teamed up with an Orphanage in South Africa to provide the most basic of human needs for the 27+ children housed there.  Caretakers for years, the recently passed couple running the orphanage have left the care of this facility to their two adult children.  A visit, last week by missionaries in the area, confirmed there was no food in the kitchen but a few spices. The new caretaker, Bro. M, sat in the lobby with his head in his hands.  The US based missionaries rallied support from the community and requested help from home.  Immediate help has been provided through WEGO and food is coming to the orphanage as I write this on April 29, 2016.  You too can make an immediate impact for good.

"Bro. M’s sister was there and SOOOOO thankful. She must have said thank you 20 times and with a huge smile."
— Sister Missionary MaryAnn Roberts

"Here is the 'washing machine'--a little person. She was so sweet. Just standing there washing all the white shirts. She would dip her fingers in the soap and then scrub and scrub the collars to get them pure white. I tried to talk to her but she only spoke Africaans. They don’t learn English until Jr. High." Sister Missionary MaryAnn Roberts

Donate today to make a direct impact in the lives of 27 orphans and their new humble caretakers. 

WEGO is a 501(c)3 and your donations are tax deductible.

Here’s South Africa Missionary Bro Roberts accessing what needs to be done to paint the bathroom at the orphanage. It looks like it’s been remodeled and then left. It could be a nice bathroom if it were painted. We inherited a bunch of paint last week from various sources. So it was good timing. We can use it for several rooms in the orphanage.
—Sister Missionary MaryAnn Roberts