As the world continues to progress toward interconnectedness, women must play a strong role in their families, communities and this global environment. 

 Men and women, alike, are formed by the hand of women and grow to reflect the functionality of that upbringing. Strong, intelligent, vibrant, loving and stable women stand as bulwarks against a rising tide of poverty, crime, social unrest and sorrow.

 WEGO seeks to unleash this power through education, guided peer interaction, enlightenment, practice, and discussion. Through an integrated approach to education including social, technical, spiritual and emotional curriculum, the whole woman will be fed and enhanced. 

 She will have greater capacity to empower the men in her life including spouse, siblings, and children. Strengthening the family will strengthen the nation and economy which will strengthen the world.

 The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. WEGO seeks to set free a remarkable hand.


Vision Statement